​Done by JUL 2018

Advertisement for PureWrist




  • Mobile device, wallet, cash, and card disappearing/transform into a stylish and cool simple bracelet
  • Bracelet is on the wrist lifestyle focused young person (s) male and female? Try to match our existing style.
  • Have them perform a transaction like normal at a starbucks buying a cup of coffee. Showcasing how simple, smooth, convenient it is.
  • Something very simple that gets the point across make it so it feels as if this is very innovative and gratifying for the user
  • Try and have elements of “WOW FACTOR” Like “that’s dope” “that’s cool” allow the viewer to walk away from it with something to remember.
  • Put the purewrist logo on the illustration


PureWrist® enhances gratification and reduces friction with your in person transactions. The bracelet fuses together a highly specialized NFC enabled card and fashionable sensibility. Their products have the ability to be used at merchants that accept contactless “Tap to Pay” transactions. These are the same terminals that accept mobile NFC payments like Apple Pay.