Week2 : My Research Question & Creative Methods & Resources


Research Questions

Q1 : What is the City Image, and emotion map of New York?

Q2 : If there are monsters in New York, what will they be?

Q3 : How do I male a narrative music video based on observation of New York city?

Creative Research (choose from Design Research Method Exercise)

Fly on the Wall (look)

Observe and record behavior within its context, without interfering with people's activities.

This is useful to see what people actually do within real contexts and time frames, rather than accept what they say they did after the fact.

- how I will use this method : observe people in different location in New York

Survey & Questionnaires (Ask)

Ask a series of targeted questions in order to ascertain particular characteristics and perceptions of users. - how I will use this method : use questionnaires to gether what do people fear about in New York? What do people dislike about New York? What encourage them to stay in New York? What is somrthing they think is unique in New York? What are the personalities of New Yorkers?

Still Photo Survey (look) Follow a planed shooting script and capture pictures of specific objects, activities, etc.

User visual evidence to uncover patterns of behavior and perceptions related to a particular product or context, as well as structure and inspire design ideas.

- how I will use this method : take some photos about interesting/inspiring things I found in NY

Character Profiles (learn) (AKA Personas)

Based on observations of real people, develop character profiles to represent archetypes and the details of their behavior or lifestyles.

- how I will use this method : base on the character profiles I will design monsters


Ask participants to build a collage from a provided collection of images, and to explain the significance of the images and arrangments they choose. This illustrates participants' understanding and perceptions of issues and helps them verbalize complex or unimagined themes.

- how I will use this method : I will show people the monsters I create and listen to their opinion. Whether they think some monsters touch their heart, or get rid of some monsters, or what they want to add to the list

Design Value


City Image and Emotion Map of New York City

Using a world of monsters as metaphor

Finding the negative emotions (fear, guilt, lonesome, dislike.…..) and make them into monsters.

Finding positive “things” that people use to fight monsters(negative emotions). Suggesting that we are all heros(not sure if i will add this yet, or this message being clearly stated or implied by audience)


Traveling through a pralle word of New York, where the behaviors and appearance of the monsters and the settings reminds audience of the real New York

I am going to make a music video about the story.

Point of view

I am debating if i should use 3rd person or 1st person point of view. Ist person is rare in music video, but for me it's hard to make it "beautiful" in the way I am use to.


I think the challenge for my project is to let audience recognize the down side of life as New Yorker but embrace it and appreciate it.


Represent New York's mental world


I am trying to make tranditionl music video first, if i can finish that, then I will try to explore interactive music video. some ways I think of is :

1. Like a choose based game, the audience choice lead to different endings(not sure in this case should I cut the music into pieces to respond to the scene or just play anyway. Pros and cons for cut music in pieces : interaction make sense and more engaging; break the original music. Pros and cons for play music ias it is : keep the orginal music ; what happen in the user is still playing but the music ends?)

2. VR music video

3. AR application, but not a music video, it will be like Pokémon GO, monsters appear based on the locations


Who is the audience? | New Yorkers (new and old)

Where are they encountering the piece and how did they find out about it? When are they interacting with it? Why are they interacting with it? | YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo


What emotions are you hoping to generate in your audience?

Mysterious, ironic, dark but with happy ending (like some of Tim Burtons films)

Resources I Found 1. Monster Culture in the 21st Century : A Reader

Marina Levina and Diem-My T. Bui

2. Japanese Demon Lore : Oni from Ancient Times to the Present

Noriko Reider

(understand how Japanese One, Yokai, Bakemono, develop. How can use this knowledge to make monsters for New York)

3. Fear, Cultural Anxiety, and Transformation : Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films Remade

Scott A. Lukas, Myoungsook Park, John Marmysz, Shane Borrowman, Costas Constandinides, Daryl G. Frazetti, Daniel Herbert, Ils Huygens, Stan Jones, and Zilia Papp