Reading Response 10/24

I have been to Dialog in the dark in Bangkok, it is so far one of my unforgettable experience. I remember I was really scared at the beginning, but then I am used to being blind. I feel a very big part that made me feel less afraid is that when I started to trust the guide, trust the environment is safe. This reminds me of hearing someone said that game allows audience to have a safe place to fail. What I have a really strong emotion affection in Dialog in the dark experience is when the guide ask me "do you know what is the color of the sky?" I didn't know how to answer. I was thinking the roof on top of me shall be black and the sky outside shall be blue. And then, there was water sprinkle from somewhere on to my skin. "The sky is gray." the tour guide said after the water sprinkle. I feel a strong sense of melancholy. Was he being told the the sky is gray when it's raining? Dose he know what is "gray"? If I were blind, how do I see color? Because I know how things (parks, grocery stores, etc.) looks like, so when I was in the setting of these places, the sound effects, the touch of the objects gives me picture of my surroundings(even in Thai style because the spoken audios are in Thai) I wonder for those how never seen anything, what do the "see" in their brain. Dialog in the dark is really engaging because you got to talk intimately with one person and experience things as he/she does.

Not long ago I just watched Brad's show The Shuffle Challenge, it makes me feel like I am on the stages well because the dancers were sitting among the audiences and drinking and eating like audiences before they went on the stage. I think the restaurant venue really works out in this show, I wonder if the same concept being put in a bigger venue. What will it look like?

For the upcoming project its presentation is on 11/14, which I am still in Taiwan. How do I make an immersive theater experience through video chat or merely phone call? There are may ideas going though my mind that: I can be in the night market or some other attrations

in Taiwan and made classmates ask me to look around the place and ask me whites what? Another more extreme idea is I pretend to try to commit suicide and make people talk to me to convince me not to (maybe one part of the classmates want me live another want me die). Or being kidnap and help me escape......