Mind Map Practice 1 & 2 & Post-It

The practice in class

Make an Animation

The Practice at Home

Draw a mind map of unrelated topic from practice in class

Make a robot dog

Some of the questions I had when drawing mind map is I don't know what I shall be asking.

Aya said I can started by asking WHY. By asking why it will arouse many questions, In the case of making robot dog, I can start by thinking why do we need a robot dog in the first place? Then I started to think who would want a robot dog? How does a robot dog response to humans' interaction.......

Class 2 - Adding Precedents

Why do I want to make New York in to a monster land?

Despite my personal interest in drawing weird creatures, the origin of traditional monsters reflect what humans value, afraid, and desire......I think New York is a unique city that deserve it's own monsters and spirits.

After taking Narrative and Dynamic System, I started to wonder what is consider a story. Are Music videos story? Because the "story line" of a music video is sometimes scattered and the protagonist isn't making any change.