Feedback on 10/16

I showed my midterm presentation, 3 prototypes(animatic, image click through game, and dark side of High Line AR) to people form other class

The first person think he is more interested in learning the dark history for now, and said that he really enjoyed the audio tour (audio instructions generate by GPS location) he tried before.

One person said make the AR app some how link back to the music video. Different location having different music etc.

One person said make a video and than make a AR app to experience what is like in the video is cool.

Barbara said I should make a dictionary for my monsters, I am thinking of this

Aya said I can test the functions I am thinking now (GPS notify AR, character tour guide)before the content is done.

I don't know who to ask for the AR,AI support, and how to ask. How to present my idea to experts.