Done by MAY 2018

After Effects, Illustrator, Pro Tools, Reason


Bronze Medal Award  in  Video Production and Animation of Golden Design Award 2018


A scientist created an Artificial Super Intelligence to save the environment. He did not intend to kill humans while he was programing it, but he knew there was risk. The last straw for him to finally launch the AI was seeing wars happening all over the world. Therefore, the scientist thought if humans are going to kill themselves after all, then the task for his AI to kill humans is acceptable. So he decided to launch it.


In order to protect the Earth, the AI functioned as a crime (damage to the environment) predictor and preventer. It surveillanced what people were doing, and it seems like people are all sinners of the seven deadly sins (the logic could be: consumption caused environmental damages, desires driven consumptions, all the humans have desires, so ending humans’ life will end consumptions and save the Earth).

Therefore, the AI start to hack IoT devices  and other systems. In the end, the scientist is the last human on the Earth . The AI came to kill him. He then confessed his crime and embraced his own death.